Re:Downloading folders from a Google drive

Hello ,

I actually had a query regrding downloading folders from google drive. Can anyone suggest an apt method ?

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Hi Anusha_Makam

-You can navigate to the Google drive,
-If u want to download a specific folder, then you can select that folder,
-right click and select download, then point to the downloading Path where you want that folder to be located.

Hope this will be helpful, Please update me.

Thank you.

Hello tshedzamclay

Thank you for the quick reply!

Is there no activities to do this?
Because i tried google suite activities and its able to download only files.

Also, how can i right click on the folder which varies every iteration?
I have used find files and folder activity to get positions ,but , it doesnt select the perticular folder.

Hi @Anusha_Makam

For now you can search the forum for the phrase:
dynamic selectors

You should also keep an open eye on the constantly improving GSuite activity package by UiPath :slight_smile: