RDP - opening a application in a remote server

HI all,

I have a situation where I have to open a application from a server by making an RDP connection, can someone suggest how do I open the desktop application located in the remote server.

Note: I have remote runtime plugin is installed on the remoter server.

looking forward from your suggestions


Hi @srinath49,

try to do citrix automation or computer vision to automate RDP.

Try to open the application from open Command Prompt application


HI @arivu96,

Citrix automation & computer vision is out of scope due to various other reasons.

Since we have installed remoted runtime plugin, it would help us to some extent.

But do you suggest opening the application from CMD (i.e. open cmd in Remote server and try to open it from there)?


I always use Remote Desktop Plus to start RDP sessions, its more reliable (and has the /start option on command line for what you want to do).