Custom activity package contains 2 Activity to define a workflow as an independent test i.e. ‘Start Test’ & ‘End Test’. You can have 100s of test created within your project and then finally when you run your automation it generates an HTML Report and an XML Report with all the details of the test execution which can then be used for further reporting purpose.

Package: RBanda.TestReportGenerator.Activities
Author: @Rammohan91

But since the html report name is always same it will be overwritten right, how to overcome it?


the report is not over written, rather its appending the content,


Hi @Rammohan91,

As @chitra said, the test results are not overwriting the existing one, it’s appending with the existing one is true. I think you should come up with a solution. In my case, I am deleting the existing report every time and re-running the automation scripts. Lastly, your package is very helpful, thanks for the package :slight_smile: