$25 Visa Gift Card from Gartner for UiPath or other RPA tools reviews

Until August 15th, the Gartner Peer Insights team will send a $25 Visa gift card to anyone who writes an approved review for UiPath!

The review can be anonymous. Use this link: https://gtnr.it/2mNvn2N

For any questions hit me up at vlad@uipath.com


P.S. Reviews where UiPath had not yet been deployed are not accepted.


is this true?

What does it mean “approved”? Will you “approve” and publish only positive feedback or will You share a voice of critic?

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The approval is done by Gartner, not by us.

yes! I did and I got an Amazon gift Card.


Can Community Edition users write a review ?

What does it mean approves review ?

Of course it is :slight_smile:

No :frowning: they only accept companies.

Gartner filters the reviews. they have their own rules, probably in T&C.

Too late by now? Deadline was August 15, right?

is this still open?

we have a new one open Review Form: Gartner Peer Insights

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I hope you get your $5 @Vlad :wink:

Unfortunately they won’t accept reviews if your organisation is somehow associated with the reviewed product’s company. The company I work for is a business partner of UiPath, so the review didn’t get approved.