Random String selection

Hi guys,

I want to pick a random string value.
I have assign all the string value, then the robot will choose randomly.
is there any way?



not sure about what was done.

lets assume we do specifiy an array with strings. So we can pickup up randomly a value by

YourArray(new Random().Next(0,YourArray.Length - 1))

find a sample here:
RandomString.xaml (4.2 KB)

Hi @ppr

Unable to open the workflow…
can you screenshot the workflow?


hi @ppr

I have tried it, It worked… but only chose “A” and “B” only.
The probability of “C” be selected is zero.
is there any other ways?


the Random is technically not so random for smaller values.
Lets check this trick:

and use:
arrTokens(Rndm.Next(0,100) Mod arrTokens.Length)

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