Random Variable Selection

I’m trying to create 10 variables in multiple assign with text, i need to have the BOT randomly selecting one of the variables text each time and send it through the email.

so how can i select a random variable value each time?

Hi @almousslli

You can’t do that, you should create an array of string, or add each value to a list, array etc. then you can get random value from that array

Hi @almousslli,
Use below syntax

For example

Random random = new Random()

int position = random.Next(0, arrValue.Length)

String value=arrValu(position)


Don’t create 10 variables. Create one array(of string) variable and populate it with your 10 values. Then create a variable with datatype System.Random and default it to New System.Random:

Then to get a random element from your array, with a max value of 9 (index 9 is the 10th element):


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