Quistion : Create demo as per following requirement

Environment : UiPath Automation

Process Flow :

1.) Select mail which contain details of current opening(vacancies) in the company and get the data of language and experience from that portal and store it in to the map as per this format map.
For Example, [ {“PHP”,“2”}, {“Java”:“5”} ]

2.) Go to company’s mail portal and select only those mail which contain request for apply the job. And download their attachment on “PDF” and “Docx” format

3.) The file which get from point 2, filter them according the requirement. Means if Map contain [ {“PHP”,“2”}, {“Java”:“5”} ] then only those mail which fulfill that requirement that can send it to HR.

4.) HR review that mail and return the list of mail to our system which are selected.

5.) Now you resend mail to that candidate and get their response

Note : There is no specific pattern of Resume/CV exist it’s completely depend on candidate who send it.

Note : I don’t have any code for this till now because i confused on some steps.