Queues in orechestrator

Hi… I am working in re-framework template. I Have a query, I have a folder which contains 5-6 excel files. I want to upload data items from Excel to orechestrator queue. I uploaded all the items from 5-6 files to queue item… what I need is, once the queue items processed from each excel file it has to update certain details to excel sheet which extracted from website accordingly…
As I already uploaded my data in 5-6 Excel files to a single orechestrator queue… how to paste the extracted data for each excel file one by one ??

Can anyone help in this…


In the excel while uploading to the Queue maintain a column of FileName, write the file name there and upload to the queue
After that in the process get that filename and write back to the excel with your outputs using WriteRange activity

Hope this may help you


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Woww… thank you so much… I hope this works for me… vil respond you immediately asap…:relaxed: