Do I have to use Try catch if I am using Throw activity( for business exception)?
If I use try catch for throw . The status on orchestrator shows successful. But it should show failed. Without using try catch it shows failed.
Let me know what is the best practice.


Best practice is to use a exception variable and intialize it to nothing.

Use try catch so that the execution don’t break

Use the catch block to reassign the value of exception to the exception variable.

At the end check the Exception variable and accordingly mark the queue item as success or failure

Unless you use a try catch you will be unable to translate the New Business Rule Exception on your throw to a Business Exception. If you want the queue item to show Failed you can put in a Set Transaction Status and choose Failed before your Throw. But you will need to designate what a fail is vs. a successful run before you set the transaction status. Hope that makes sense. The other option, if using a state machine, is to set a path for an exception by doing an assign and create a path in your state machine for the error. However, you will still need to use a set transaction status activity to “Fail”

Hey @Dinesh_Babu_S ! Are you using ReFramework?

Hi @gabrielribas4 .
Yes, I am using Re Framework.