Queue unique reference in successful items

Hi all,

I was sure that the only status ignored by the “unique reference check” is “Deleted”.
But apparently I was able to upload two items with the same unique reference, one “New” and the other “Succesful”.

I need that the queue strictly permit only unique items, ignoring deleted items only.

Can someone help me?

Edit: I want to add that the queue is correctly set to “yes” use unique reference. It correctly cannot holds two “New” items with the same reference.


Can you check have you enabled Unqiue Reference option checked while creating Queue?

Hope this may help you


Thanks you for your reply.
Yes I checked, I updated the original post.

I solved the issue by delete and recreate the queue. I guess it was a bug, because I cannot recreate the issue.

I just hope it does not happen anymore.
Ty all.

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