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   "SpecificContent": {
        "EmployeeName": "John Kensington",
        "ContactNumber": "+4457899",
        "RelocationDistance": 500,
        "Description": "Home relocation",
        "ExpenseCode": "UI234",
        "Amount": 1000,
        "RequirePass": true
 **for this we can write like this in add data table**

      "SpecificData": "{\"DynamicProperties\":{\"EmployeeName\":\"John Kensington\",\"ContactNumber\":\"+4457899\",\"RelocationDistance\":500,\"Description\":\"Home relocation\",\"ExpenseCode\":\"UI234\",\"Amount\":1000,\"RequirePass\":true}}",
 **How can we need to write in add data table**

Hi @Sayed_Tabrez

Please check on this


Hi @Sayed_Tabrez

Please check the below thread


i found how to get Queue item. our requirement is get data from specific data not specific content

Hi @Sayed_Tabrez

The output is an IEnumerable right so please try with the below linq:

JArray.FromObject(YourGetQueueItemsOut.Select(Function (x) x.SpecificContent).toArray).toObject(Of DataTable)

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