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When adding an excel file to queue, what can the reference be? Also, is setting the priority and date due a must? Is it okay to leave these fields?

When to use triggers? Can I not use triggers?
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Hi @A_Learner

When adding an Excel file to a queue in UiPath Orchestrator, the reference field is a way to uniquely identify the item in the queue. The reference can be a string or a variable containing a string.

As for setting the priority and due date:

Priority: Priority is optional. You can leave it empty if you don’t want to specify a priority for the item. If set, it usually follows a numerical scale where higher numbers indicate higher priority.
Due Date: The due date is also optional. It represents the deadline for completing the work associated with the item. If you don’t have a specific deadline, you can leave it empty.

Whether to set or not set these fields depends on your business process requirements. If priority and due date are essential for your workflow, you can provide values; otherwise, leaving them empty won’t affect the basic functionality of adding an item to the queue.

For Triggers you can follow the below documentation:


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Suppose in my excel file, I have employee id, last name, first name - can employee id be reference? Or do I have to add a column named “reference” to the excel table? Can I just add row number 1,2,3 etc. and name it as “reference”?

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Hi @A_Learner

You can add Employee ID as reference in Add Queue Items as you will be running For Each row for the data table and adding the queues, so, you can take Employee ID column as reference.


Thank you, So to be able to use employee id column as reference do I need to rename “Employee Id” as “reference”? But that does not give me correct column name.

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Hi @A_Learner
If I’m not wrong you are using Add Queue Items to add the queues right. You will be running a For Each row in Data Table t add the queue items one by one. In the reference you can give CurrentRow("Employee ID").ToString. Change the column name according to your excel.

Hope you understand!!

Thank you so much! I am using Add Bulk Q Items activity so all of those items are added at one time. Is there is a reference property for that?

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For Bulk Add Queue Items you don’t have an Reference property. If you really want to add Reference to identify queue item uniquely then you must use Add Queue Items inside For Each row in DataTable.



Generaly reference is a unique identifier that we give which helps in searching the queue item in or hestrator…like the invoice number

It need not be unique also sometimes we can give same reference to a group of items also as wel need…for example if you are downloading different types of reports daily…may be same report name can be gicen appended with date or as is as reference

Due date and priority are not mandatory…they are optional…if due date is given then if it is approaching then based on due date items are picked and if we setup sla etc then those due dates are xonsidered and we can use for reporting

Priority is to make few important queue items process faster if we have high volume of items…

Triggers based on the need…generally in a dispatcher performer model we go with a time trigger on dispatcher and a queue trigger on performer…we need not go with this only any combination of these or no triggers also can be done and adhoc runs can be given when needed…recently event based triggers are introduced where based on arriving of email , etc we can schedule triggers and start the robots

If using add bulk queue…you can replicate the same employee id column and rename that column to reference…so that the same data is added in reference and also in specific content…these can be done as you need…but in bulk add if you need reference then reference column is mandatory…any other column is picked as specific content

Hope this helps


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