Question Related to Credential Directory

Hello everyone!
Just a simple question.
I have passed uiard on monday this week. My profile yet not visible in Credential Directory. Should i add manually by creating my new account or UiPath itself creates account for me ?


Hi @robo_007

Typically, UiPath does not automatically create an account for you in the Credential Directory. Instead, you need to create your own account manually. The Credential Directory is a platform where certified UiPath professionals can showcase their credentials and connect with potential employers or clients


but it showing this

@Anil_G @loginerror


Congratulations on clearing the exam.If you have not get an email just wait…you should receive it…

or contact here


It’s been 4 days yet i haven’t received any email from Credential Management System

Raise a ticket with the team, ideally you receive eveything with your results email, sometimes it takes a while

Hi there, now it’s the same case for me. Could you help me how did you resolve in your case? Thank you in advance.