Question on Community Edition License

Johnathan Doe
September 23, 2016 19:12 ANSWERED

Can Community edition be used to create demo to show the customer ? Obviously, if customer wants to implement the same, they need to buy the enterprise edition license. But to create the proof of concept and demo it to some of it’s customers, can a s/w company use community edition of UIPath ?

Thanks in advance!

Mihai Badita September 25, 2016 20:46
Yes… if you are not an enterprise.

If we are an enterprise company,we can still use community edition.
According to UiPath Community Edition License Agreement

    If you are an Enterprise, you may use the Studio and Orchestrator only for evaluation and training purposes.

We can create a demo and PoC under evaluation and training purposes.

I found the same answer. But is it allowed to download the Chrome extension for UiPath based on this permission?