Question about unstructured data table

Hi Uipath,

I need help with my problem.

My situation is I have a set of data below:

As you can see in the Before Section the Remarks field is empty.

unlike the after section.

My question is how can I make do this operation using the for each in datatable?



Hi @Alvin_Apostol2 ,

We should be able to read the Datatable using a Workbook Read Range Activity. We should then also able to perform the Required operations and loop through the rows in Datatable using For Each Row Activity.

But we require additional info as to what you are trying to perform or achieve?

What is the Output Expected for this Input data ?

Hi @supermanPunch

My input is the Before section while my expected output is the after



You can still read the cell value based on certain anchor terms
Like in first column SEQ you have a three terms called Normal, Unmatched and Loan Balance

So if you see you don’t have any value right side to those text
When doing in for each row loop use a if condition and see whether CurrentRow(0).ToString.Contains(“Normal”) or any of these three values

If yes then leave that row within THEN block and process the other records within. Else bLock

Cheers @Alvin_Apostol2

Hi @Palaniyappan


There is a sudden changes in my requirement.

For my source data please refer below:

As you can see in row number 14 and 15 are RECOVERYACCOUNTS and NORMAL.

I’m having challenges in tagging it as RECOVERYACCOUNTS-NORMAL in Remarks field.

For my desired output please refer below:


Is it possible?

Please let me know

thanks in advance.

Hi @Alvin_Apostol2

Use assign activity

LHS → Create an variable
RHS → Dt.Rows.Item(0)(13)+Dt.Rows.Item(0)(14)


Hi @Gokul001

Can you please provide a sample workflow?

Thanks in advance

HI @Alvin_Apostol2

Use Read Range Activity

Store the value in the DT

Use Assign Activity

LHS → Create an variable
RHS → Dt.Rows.Item(13)(0)+Dt.Rows.Item(14)(0)

13 & 14 → Row Index
0 → Column Index