Question about UiPath

I am not aware on what parameters they have observed the behavior of all systems or they are just considering the market reports. Their analysis criteria is with them. If they have stated that does not mean after all that it is not able to do with complex tasks.

I have used UiPath mostly with many challenging and easy scenarios and found it useful at all places in the past and hope so future as well. UiPath Team is working well to make their product outstanding and stand out different from others.
The other Products are little older so they have may be more users and views so that is why the reports considers the things.

But IMO Give it a try and analyze as per your needs and on your parameters :slight_smile: .
Even if forester had given it max pointer then also you are not make sure that in every environment you will be able to automation without any compromised way. It is with all others tools as well.

Their are more things i have found better then AA and BP in UiPath and still their is more yet to come. jUst wait for the more Product releases and Updates From @badita official guy. :wink:


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