1.Where will the exceptions captured?
3.what is the difference between logging and capturing logs?where logging will be done?

Hi @saibinduk

In uipath you can use Trycatch activity to capture exception in Catch block.

By default, Execution and Studio logs are stored locally in “/UiPath/Logs” folder.

We have two activities that may be used for logging: Log Message and WriteLine.
WriteLine activity logs with Trace level

in LogMessage also you can specify the level like Trace,Info,Warn,Error,Fatal.

Vijay Kumar C.

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1). Take try catch activity .
2). In catch part , you can Capture the error .
3). You can use "take screenshot " activity in catch part so that you will be knowing at which point error occurred.
4). You can use log message activity to track the workflow .
5). If you want to get notified , that error occurred - you can send mail to your I’d , mentioning the reason for the error.
There are many ways that you can Capture the error .