Python Invalid path error

I have tried endlessly almost all the possibilities but i end up with the Invalid Path error.
I have used Python 2.7,3.6 and also 3.7
still the same issue.
do help me out here.

thank you.

Do not include “python.exe” in path.

For example:-

If the location of python.exe is "C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\python.exe"
Input location of python scope activity should be "C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3"

Install Python 3.6.0 (don’t install higher version).
Select Customize installation while installing Python 3.6.0 and give path as program files-python36-32(default)
in uipath studio

  • Use Python Scope Activity and go to properties and give same path c:program files(x86):python36-32
  • use Run Python Script activity and give path of your script file (“c:desktop/user/”)
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Hi Farhan and all,
I follow your example in setting the location of python scope, but still have the same error “Error initializing Python engine”.
Is it because of the versions of my UiPath version and python?

I understand from the UiPath October 2018 release ( that they have improved the Python Activities pack, adding support for Python x64.
My Python version is 3.6.4, 64 bit
and my UiPath version is 2019.4.4

Please kindly advise.

I have tested using very simple scripts (def functions) including downloading the .xaml files but the problem seems to be the path… but no success.

I really hope to run the script in uipath soonest possible…

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

To check your python version, use this command:

python -V

To check this python path, use this command:

whereis python