Python get object error

HI All,

I am trying to run a simple python script of printing ‘Hello world’, the script seems to be running fine, but when i try to use the ‘get python object’ activity, i am facing a run time error ‘Error converting python object’. myout variable is string type. Pls advice.

@yuvaraja, any solution to this ?

what ever the output of getobject is we need to print that in that above image he is not printing that!

myOutput in message box will work fine!

I am getting error in “Get Python Object” activity itself.
Get Python Object: Error converting Python object

what’s the type of output of your script??

It is string type. I am also selecting string in Type argument property of Get Python Object activity.

Hi everyone,

Any solution to the above issue? kindly update if anybody has any solution.!

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it’s working fine for me,
can you show me your workflow!
and output of your Script!

Yes, kindly check.

python script:

you need to call invoke python method before get python object!

Thank you @Pradeep_Shiv,

If you see in my above snippet, I wanted to invoke ‘parse_reply’ method from the imported library.
When I pass ‘EmailReplyParser.parse_reply’ or ‘parse_reply’ as a method, it returns an error invoking python method error. Any idea on this ?

Somehow got this by using ‘EmailReplyParser.parse_reply’ inside another method.

def test(email_message):
return EmailReplyParser.parse_reply(email_message)

Thank you for all the help!