Putting file names into string, but file names contain ,


I have got a string containing 10 file names.

Here is the list…

I need to put these into an array but some of the file names contain “,” which is confusing the assign activity. currently arrTenFilesArray = TenFiles.Split(","c)

How do i get around this? even if its renaming files with , in before hand.

Thank you


check proerties

Sorry, but i don’t follow that answer?

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I mean to say check properties of that activity and put array table in {A,B,C} as per variable.

This is the array setup.

But is it putting extra splits in where the file name contains ,

@MarkC1500 - Instead of comma, try splitting using “.pdf,”. You can also try using regex.

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I will go with “.pdf” Split

Hi. I will try this when I get on the pc. But I think I remember it saying it must be split by a single character.

@MarkC1500 Can you elaborate more that what you are trying to achieve

You can split by comma and the check for Path.IsPathRooted and either treat as new item of append to last one.
See attached short example
.FileListSplitWithComma.xaml (8.7 KB)