Put method cannot set the parameters

I am passing the query parameters in HTTP request activity(uipath.webapi.activity version is 1.11.1). API method is put. But the set query parameters are not added after the questing mark in the end point url. Please find the error message {“timestamp”:“2022-08-28T08:02:50.502+00:00”,“status”:400,“error”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“”,“path”:“/oneflow-payment-breakdown-service/api/v1/payment-breakdowns/key/PB-27079220-a9c7-4bfa-aa83-7d1599a46868/tasks/f95bf8be-1ec8-11ed-a5d3-de9ac42abe0e/assign/”}

when i pass the query parameters in the postman API returns the success response. Please help on this.

As seen from the official docs (HTTP Request), it seems that we can add query parameters only for GetOrPost type. This might not work for you since you are making a Put request.

Some ways to solve this problem -

  1. Store your values in a variable and embed them in the URL manually (eg - “…com?queryParameter1=”+variable1+“…”

  2. Use the URL Segment option of the parameter type which would essentially do the same thing. For eg (as picked from the docs)-
    If you want to perform a GET request for the Robot with the ID 28 in the Community Edition Orchestrator, you should fill in the End point field with https://platform.uipath.com/odata/Robots({id}) , the Parameters table should be filled in with one parameter with the id Name , the 28 Value , and the UrlSegment Type .


Hi Nishanth,
When I pass the values in a variable in the url there is no response return it