Publishing robots as EXE file


In my opinion there should be an option in UiPath to publish robots as .exe files. Making them executable file without Uipath instance running on desktop will be helpful in many different cases also provides more flexibility in develop proceses.


As of my knowledge there is no such an option in Uipath

We had it in the past but it was removed. Deploying a process (I will use process instead of robot) requires deploying the actual UiPath runtime… in the end you will still be installing UiPath Robot. Only that it will complicate the setup, especially if you want to deploy 2 processes as exe. You don’t want to end up with 2 UiPath Robot installations.

As a workaround deploy UiPath Robot and then create 2 exe files that invokes your xaml package.


Thank You for help. I’ll try this workaroud.

Hi Badita,

Could you please let me know steps how to create exe files of the Main.xml?