Provisioning and Deployment Questions

Hi all,

We have our first RPA proposal, and I would like some guidance on the following infrastructure / deployment scenarios:

a) Which Windows OS are supported for the Studio? Win 7?
b) How and Where should i provision the Orchestrator site? Shouldn’t it better be on a separate VM? in that case, which are the requirements of that VM?
c) What about logging and monitoring? Do I need a special version of SQL Server to keep logging info etc?

Thank you

Window 7 or 10 should be fine.

Yes. Its better to install orchestrator into a seperate server which your robots should have access to. Here are the Prerequisites for the installation.

I think you can keep the same sql server that you use for the orchestrator. I am not sure if its possible to actually configure the logs into a seperate sql server, however you do have an option to sent it to elastic search db in case you need it.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

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