Provide solution to automate an Excel - Combo Box _ Form Control

I am not able to select value from combo Box in exce sheet, Please
Provide solution to automate an Excel - Combo Box_Form Control
Sample excel Combo Box _ Form Control.xlsx (13.1 KB)


steering form controls worked perfectly fine starting off with the recorder.
The selector it took by default is just the index, but in general I would say this is good enough if it does not change frequently on your Excel sheet. Otherwise I would add an anchor.

Can you send .xaml file.

SureExcel_Form_Controls.xaml (7.3 KB)

@ThomasStocker, Thanks for solution, it work for static selection in Combo box,
but in my case combo box contain 36 option, from that I have to select,
i tried Problem when selecting an option in dropdown - #6 by tdhaene this solution, but it’s not working
Do you have any solution?