Protecting sensitive information

Hi All,

I am trying the make sure not to publish the sensitive information in the log message activity collected by the variable. I need to mask or ensure the data is not published into orchestrator logs.

I have tried using the private property check box available in the properties window from studio and set the logging level of the robot to verbose. But the variable still publishes the data in the logs. I tried with project.json file also and found the same.

Any ideas on how to mask the data or not publish the data. Usage of variables is needed for custom logging for auditing purposes.

A quick response would be much appreciated.


Well you are the person logging the information so just don’t have the variable in the log message :slight_smile:

What you could do is encrypt that variable using a key stored securely somewhere and only log the encrypted value although I’m not totally sure what value there is in doing that.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding slightly?

Thank you for the message richard.

Did you mean using assets from orchestrator for that variables that are sensitive. Could you please eloborate more on keys stored securely.

Our Business and security teams wants that data to be masked/encrypted or blank. But at the same time the audit team wants to know what is the robot doing and how its making decision based on the data.

for Audit i planned to provide log messages at info level so that they can read the data collected for decision making. I see that “Private” property option and used them for the variables that are displayed in log messages at verbose level. But it published all the sensitive data even if the variable is marked private.

Any other options that we can use from from activities pane?



Did you find the solution? Could you please share with us?