Private Property in UiPath.Core.Activities




All most all the core activities under UiPath.Core have boolean property Private. Can anyone let me know when to use this property. I did not observe any difference of checking/unchecking this property or may be I did not aware of use case.

Please help…!


Hey @Siva_Tiyyagura

Private Property -

When selected, the activity generates no log data.



@Siva_Tiyyagura By default, log will be created for every activity inside the Workflow while executing. These logs will be added in a text file. To avoid adding log for an particular activity you can use Private property. You can view the logs in following path C:\Users\Your_Login_account\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs.



Thanks for quick response. But in my case, I’m seeing no difference in the generated log both checking and unchecking Private property.
Am I missing something?


Check if your Robot logging level is set to verbose.


Hi All,

Still, I Couldn’t find any difference
Have attached below the log file for reference (780 Bytes)

Have used “WriteLine Activity” with and without checking the “Private” property.

Thanks in advance!!!

Arunpandian Murugan