Private Property in UiPath.Core.Activities


All most all the core activities under UiPath.Core have boolean property Private. Can anyone let me know when to use this property. I did not observe any difference of checking/unchecking this property or may be I did not aware of use case.

Please help…!

Hey @Siva_Tiyyagura

Private Property -

When selected, the activity generates no log data.


@Siva_Tiyyagura By default, log will be created for every activity inside the Workflow while executing. These logs will be added in a text file. To avoid adding log for an particular activity you can use Private property. You can view the logs in following path C:\Users\Your_Login_account\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs.


Thanks for quick response. But in my case, I’m seeing no difference in the generated log both checking and unchecking Private property.
Am I missing something?


Check if your Robot logging level is set to verbose.

Hi All,

Still, I Couldn’t find any difference
Have attached below the log file for reference (780 Bytes)

Have used “WriteLine Activity” with and without checking the “Private” property.

Thanks in advance!!!

Arunpandian Murugan

If you are running the robot locally then all activities get logged when you run in debug mode.


The elephant in the room is that ticking Private only stops variables and arguments from being logged when it is set to Verbose. Outside of this it is irrelevant and does nothing.

still now u didn’t find correct ans ?