Get queue items pushed in last 1 Hour

Dear Forum members,

I want to get queue items which are pushed to queue in last 1 hour .

I used Get queue items activity and stored items in list.

But not getting how to filter them to get only last 1 hour queue items.

Can anyone help ?

Sahil Garg

have a look on the Orchestrator API. The field creation time should serve for it

Also have a look on how to use filter within the requests


Thanks for your response.

API are good.

Can you tell me to filter queue items list to get queue items pushed in last 1 hour, becoz we cannot change code.

Sahil Garg

had you checked out the filter section:

No buddy, it is not helping.

Let me tell you the situation.

We are using get queue items and after that we are filtering it and taking on those list which contains some string.

But issue is that, we need only queue items which BOT has processed in last 2 hours.

see buddy,

we would see this covered by creation time property.

work queue item is not offering a property creation time
in ORC API we do see creationtime
on Work Queue Item level we cannot filter on properties which are not available
ORC APi allows us to define filters

we do see this as another requirement. has been processed maybe could be covered by the LastProcessedOn Property

Get all the Queue Items and then when processing, check if it was created in the last hour. If not, skip it.


I checked, API’s are working but in mean one more solution is working

‘From’ Property in Get queue items, there we just need to give creation start time.

Thanks for help.

Sahil Garg

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