Best Practices for Click/Type Into Activity properties?

When using an Excel Application Scope or browser on unattended automations - what are some best practices for the properties to be set at when using click activities/send hot key/Type Into activities?


For example should I be using simulate or SendWindowMessages if it’s an unattended automation? It seems to work either way, but not sure what’s most reliable?

Whenever possible, it’s best to use simulateclick or send window messages if that doesn’t work. They are more efficient and reliable for automation wherever they can be used. This is because the backend code integrates with the application and sends signals directly to the program. If you have to use a click activity without using one of these, there is the risk that a popup window or some other blocker may get in the way of the cursor when the click is performed.


Thanks! I’ve also realized that if hot keys are involved - you need to use ‘SendWindowsMessages’ otherwise Simulate will type out the hotkey you want to execute.

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