Project .xaml files vanished after published to orchestrator

I have published the workflow to orchestrator and started job execution. when i want to continue the other development activities my entire project related .xaml files, .json, .local and other folders are vanished. Now i can see only empty folder in the file save location. Is there a way to get all the files.
I can see the the .xaml files in my orchestrator package. Can someone please help on this.

Hi @bhaskar.gondesi

This is quite strange.

Although I cannot say exactly why your files vanished, there should be a way to get them back. If you published it to Orchestrator, you can go to Tenant → Packages, and from there you should be able to download your package and if you unzip it, you will find your project files in there.

HI @loginerror
Thanks for the quick response. i have followed the steps and downloaded the package. but it got downloaded in .nupkg format.

That’s just a zip file. Rename it to .zip and open it, and the files will be in there somewhere in one of the folders.

Thanks @loginerror ,@paul
Now i got my .xaml files back.


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