Project Notebook Opens In Between Automation

When I am executing my automation I see suddenly in between the project notebook excel opens up . Then it comes in between the desired target of interface. How to resolve this.

Hi @ayewale !
Check in your code where you could have possibly added “Open application” for Notebook, and remove or comment it.
To do so, go to the Mail xaml, then you use Ctrl + F, write open, then click on “All files”, and double click on the activities that appear until finding where the robot was asked to open Notebook:

It could be the case that a Excel application scope is involved within your flow implementation. Just check the code for the Excel Application Scope usage or debug it for further analysis.

In case of Excel should be processed non visible have a look on the visible option:

Visible - When selected, the Excel file is opened in the foreground while performing actions on it. When it is cleared, all operations are done in the background.

Which studiox version? Check project settings menu and under excel business select excel behavio. This is available newer studiox versions

2020.4.3…there is no such option I could find .

Are you using some values from project notebook during automation?

No , nothing is coming from project notebook.

it’s an old version of studiox this. can you update to a newer one? or at least the excel package but is not a guarantee it will work

Are you opening a Studio X project on Studio?

Check if there is a variable (probably called “Notes” ) of “IWorkbookQuickHadle” with a default value filled with a “New” function. Delete it