Project fails due to late browser response


My project fails due to late browser response, it never reaches final goal. The symptom is that it stops to execute, in different positions. What can I do to solve it, prevent from stopping (jamming). I have no influence on timing how fast will I get response.


Use try catch on the activities that fail the most often or wait for an element if the app is loading)


  1. You can use Element Exists Activity
  2. give timeout you wish to
  3. Create a variable for Element Exists
  4. After that Check the condition using IF
  5. If success then keep your logic or just leave or make a log message

Hope this clears you


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Target → WaitForReady.COMPLETE
would example above be a good solution?


Yes, also maintain timeout


Target → WaitForReady.COMPLETE works perfectly with js scripts, no more problems with latency.