Browser not always responding


I do only this:

  1. Use Application/Browser (Chrome)
  2. Click a button in browser

Usually it works but sometimes it can not click the button. I mean, the browser is started but nothing else happens.

How can it be?


There maybe issue in the selector of “click”


But as I said, it works usually. Therefore the selector is right in my opinion.

Hi @Gabriel_Isman ,
You can check delay time before click
To correct you can use wait page load, check element exist then edit time delay before click

Hi @Gabriel_Isman

Try by giving some delay before in the properties of click

Delay already tried, no success.


in the properties of use browser application change “option” close always , open if not open


Hey @Gabriel_Isman ,
Can you send your xaml here so that we can know where the issue exists

Also before click activity use “Check APP state” Activity and indicate the element and then if target appears use click activity

Also u can use “Element Exists” activity, this activity returns a boolean output

You can use an If Activity after that and u can set the condition as if: YourBooleanVariable = True
Then Click on that element

Hope it helps you out

Thanks, this was the solution.

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