Project corruption? Can't make any changes


Not sure what’s happened here, but even after trying a laptop restart and checking other projects which have no issues, I’m a bit stuck. Any time I click in a field it empties and won’t let me change/type anything?


Even clicking in the three dots brings up a blank box:

Has anyone seen this before, have I changed a random setting to “lock” the project?



EDIT: I just created a new blank project and it too won’t let me type in fields, including the search for activities field, so I will try and update UiPath if I can to 2018.4.4 and see if that helps.

EDIT 2: Started blind typing, ie no text showing, but filtering seems to work?

Hi @Alex_Cross

Luckily, never faces such issues.
Clearing your system temp files. Re-start machine and open Studio. Try again.

Karthik Byggari

A fresh install/upgrade to 2018.4.4 solved this.

Also, props on your sales team being on the ball enough to phone/email me within minutes of hitting “request trial” to get the latest download, although I do feel there should be a MUCH easier way of upgrading versions (unless I’ve missed something?)

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The fact that you have to press a “Request Trial” button to upgrade is 100% idiotic. I have been down that rabbit hole before and really dissapointed that this is still the way to do it.

Hi @thediabloman

It is our goal to make life of our users easier. Some improvements in this regard are coming :slight_smile:

I did enjoy one of your salespeople phoning/emailing/adding me on linkedin about 5 minutes after I requested the trial though, Simon was on the ball :stuck_out_tongue:

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