Progress bar/Progress popup

It would be great to be able to display the progress of the robot onscreen during runtime, either by means of a progress bar og with a text-overlay that prints a string on top of everything else in the same fashion the Highlight activity prints a yellow square on top of the element in focus. This would be very useful when debugging or showcasing a demo.


This is a nice idea for manually started robots.
However, how do you propose to track the status in case of a loop where there can be 0 or 100 items to process?

Hi, somehow I created similar question in my latest post without knowing about this one before.

Basically we could start from something simple. When we build automation system, especially not super complicated, we should definitely consider the total time it is going to take. We should also be able to estimate the time it is going to take for any sequence (item) to be completed. Even if we have some enormous loop we should be able to estimate the time of a single pass. So in summary we can assign the completion time to every (or most relevant) piece of our automation system and base on that estimate a progress.

I use the uipath for just a few days and do not have too much experience with that. Therefore I would appreciate any suggestions how technically we could:

  1. Assign the time to particular sequence
  2. Crate pop up window when the system starts
  3. Create the bar in that window
  4. Make the bar reflects the total time (looking at the times of completion of particular sequences)

Thank you !

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I would create a separate software application to display the progress and a custom activity to < inform > the application about the progress. For the two (app and activity) to communicate I would use named pipes (e.g.
Hope that this helps,


1 - duration of a single loop can be measured using a C# timer (DateTime.Now - start)
2,3,4 are just displaying that duration multiplied by the number of remaining items in that loop. you can get creative and use notepad, excel (graphs too), kibana, etc