Programmatically Creating a Queue Item

Hi all,

We need to programmatically create queue items in Orchestrator from a process which is not a robot. There appear to be two options to do this:

  1. Send a POST request to the Orchestrator API
  2. Insert a record directly into the QueueItems table

Are there any downsides or things to account for if the manual option (inserting the record directly) is taken? Or, asked another way, does sending the POST request do anything more than add a record to this table, such as touching other tables or adding the new queue item to some internal state tracking system?

For our particular use case, manipulating the QueueItems table directly, likely as a stored procedure, is much simpler than using the API and would be preferred by our developers.

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I would never try to insert anything directly to the database. There are likely many other things that happen when a Queue Item is created, and the API takes care of these things. Use the API. It’s what it’s for.

The method is not recommended, Kindly go ahead with APIs

Hi @Foxtrek_64 ,

instead of inserting QueueItems table (Which is not recommended if you don’t have strong knowledge about Orchestrator DB table and data structure )

Anyway your requirement can be fulfill by uploady csv file with data on to your Queue directly , this will be more secure manner than you touch QueueItems directly

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