Processing invoices from different countries

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before.

We need to process invoices with variable structures. The question is: these invoices can be in many languages and come from different countries. Specific fields are required for each country.

Do we need to create a template / document type for each one of the countries? Do we use just one ML model and train it in the different languages + different fields or we need specific ML models for each country?

Thank you.


It is possible to use only one ML model.
Try to create Semi-structure AI and use invoice as out of the box document type.
There is info how many document is recommended for specific number of languages, fields and layouts.

Use this tool to train the pre-built invoice model from UiPath on your documents


Hey Konrad, thank you so much for your input.

I am sorry but I am quite new to Document Understanding, would you mind explaining the process in a bit more depth? If you have the time of course.

Thank you!

There is a lot to learn.
This is list of material which was really usefull for me:

  • Document Understanding course on UiPath Academy
  • Official documentation for document understanding: Introduction (focus especially on document manager)
  • Document Understanding Template in UiPath studio.

We have also many tutorials prepared by community members :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the links!

I am more or less familiar with the DU framework and the official documentation.

I was asking about what you meant with “Semi-structure AI” (you mean a ML skill?) and how the package would differentiate between countries. I am probably mistaken but Im not easily finding info about it

This semi-structured AI is an extraction method used when you create new document type.
(Go to document understanding tab in orchestrator, create new project and select new document type with option ‘using semi-structured AI’). You can choose one of existing pre-trained model (e.g. for invoices) or select custom document type. It is possible to define additional custom fields or columns. This tool is good for strengthening UiPath pre-built models on your specific layouts

Alright, thank you for your input!