Processing CVs and finding whether it meets the requirement or not, using UiPath

I’m trying to complete the use case of resume filtering for HR using UiPath. I’m using the activities in the ‘skil’ package for analysing the resume. But it asks me to enter username, password and SKILserverurl. How can I set these credentials?
Is this method optimal for my use case? Is any other method exist for the same?

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K ,

Have you checked the Documentation associtated to the Skymind activity ( )

It seems that both the username and the password should be “admin”

Hope this helps!
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@Marius_Puscasu ,
Thanks for the reply.
I checked the PDF document. is not reachable for me. It gives error ‘SKIL deployment scope: Failed to Login to SKIL. Check Server URL and/or credentials’.

So I’m not able to create AI model. How to resolve it?

Hey were you able to find the solution?