Processgold Process Mining

Any video or document that explains processgold and explain how can i add my process there? I have no idea how it works

Hello I am also learning about Process Gold (Uipath Process mining).
Process mining provides education site on the process gold side, not on the Uipath academy site.

  1. Academy url :

  2. Demo Page : Loading...

You can find the course in UiPath academy. Look for " UiPath Process Mining AppOne".
To get the look & feel of the Process Mining and try various options click the below link Loading...

However, I still couldn’t find the following

  1. How to integrate process mining with existing automation
  2. How to connect Process Mining to a data source
  3. Which format or structure should be the data source

Waiting for someone to share info on these. Hope UiPath will provide a trial version of Process Mining soon. :slight_smile:

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Uipath recently updated the Process Mining related document (finally!)

Check out the article below!

Looks like Task Mining documentation only