New Course Portfolio Available

We have some exciting news to share. UiPath has officially announced the acquisition of ProcessGold and StepShot in the Process Understanding space.

For the first time, UiPath users can have a complete view of their processes, from granular, user-level steps (StepShot) to higher-level transactional data stored across systems (ProcessGold).

Access a new free knowledge base about Process Mining on ProcessGold Academy with the link below.
Also, let us know what you think about this here.

Happy Learning everyone!


I’m on mobile and cannot see the link.

lol, i dont think there is a link there :wink:


Wow… loads of things happening quite fast here in all platforms, I just saw a post on Connect, now a new course on Academy, and forum is also going through lot of changes… Awesome work guys… We are too busy checking all the stuff that is happening around quite fast… .

Great work!!!
I will surely check it out.


And this has been fixed.

Thanks a lot!


Awesome, I registered a couple hours ago and I’m now learning. Great acquisition!

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It is nice and wonderful news. I read it in the news section.


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They look like cool tools. Signed up for Process Gold. It appears verification takes a while. Would be nice if Process Gold (PG) and StepShot (SS) would be integrated into an expanded RPA BA (Business Analyst) course which already exisits in UiPath Academy.