Process vs Test Automation Bot


We are trying to automate regression testing for a cloud-based ERP application. Every quarter Oracle releases patches for their Cloud ERP application, and we have identified test cases that we have to automate and run every quarter to identify any issue with ERP application functionality after the patch upgrade.

We are using Azure DevOps for managing Test Plans and Cases.

To develop these bots should we use Process Bots or Test Automation bots? What are the differences between the two and when should we use which?

Shubham Gupta

Hello @Shubham_Gupta1

If you are looking for a Testing then you have to go with the Test automation. because it is providing the Test manager and dashboards to review your results. Also you can create the testcases and then the test sets to execute the test scripts.

normal automation process you can use if you need to automate a recurring process.

For both, you can use the same activities.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
just a quick question.

Test Bots available on Orchestrator - Can we run our regular process automation Dev/UAT automations on these test bots
Or the test bots are used only to run with the Test Framework.