Process trigger issue


My scenario is - The bot should check a particular location in my machine if a file exists or not . If it exists then it has to trigger a process in orchestrator. This entire checking file process is also required to be done through orchestrator not studio. How can i do this ? Please help.


hi @mannu.1996.08 ,

Currently this functionality isn’t possible via Orchestrator. You will need to trigger a process for fulling this out!!!

As an alternative you can create a Python code running in background to get this enabled… The Python code will be running in background of the machine and will monitor the folder…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @mannu.1996.08 ,

You can try using another process which checks the file exists or not and if it exists use "Process Start Trigger " activity to trigger the actual process ,


Is it possible to use process start trigger activity in orchestrator? In studio i can use. But how to use this in orch?