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I need help in automating a workflow.

The process starts with 2 cells (A+B cell) in excel as input. It starts the first application and uses the 2 input cells to get some output variables. After that the application needs to be closed and another application needs to be opened. In there, the output from the 1st app needs to be input in the 2nd app. After that is finished again, the 2nd app MUST be closed, because otherwise the 3rd application CANNOT start. So, I have to close the app within the process workflow. I cannot open all 3 applications in init state. Therefore, I have to invoke all login/launch app workflows in the process workflow instead of the init phase.

Now my question is, how can I do proper error handling. For example, if the login for the 2nd or 3rd app fails, I could do a try/catch to solve this. But what can I do with the work steps within the applications? How can I do proper error handling there? For example: I need to input data in the 2nd application, but if that fails - how do I proceed? I cannot continue on error, because it is mandatory to be successful to get to the 3rd application. How can I get back to the start of the process workflow?

Also, how can I solve the issue of not having internet connection, meaning the robot would fail. How do I solve this case?

Thank you everyone!

Hi, you can surround each of that 3 actions in 3 different apps in separate try catches. If error will occur in any of them, you can end the process/fail transaciton. For that purpose you can add flague in catch and then check, e.g. “if exception is not Nothing”.
If you have transactions (added to transaction queue in Orchestrator), then I would additionally add ending the whole process, if logging in app fails, because in most of cases it means no internet connection and it’s better to finish the process and wait for the internet to be back, than fail all of the transactions you have in queue.

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