Process Mining Installation Issue

With the installation file, the license code is received. On proceeding with the installation as shown on, superadmin can not be accessed. The installation does not work properly, configured the installation folder, but different errors appear depending on the installation configuration, 1. E:\processmin\builds\UiPathProcessMinning-21.10.1\

If an installation file is present under,
2.E:\processmining\builds, the web server is configured to prevent the contents of this directory.
3. The 403.14 error appears. Changing the value of web.config to true to display the contents of the directory, also does not connect to superadmin because the folder configuration is observed.

Issue Description: Process Mining not accessible, 500.1000 error display, 403.14 directory-related error display.

Investigation: Steps to perform,

  1. Go to -> C in another folder E and check the display of the TEST page through IIS
  2. Folder authority IIS_IUSER should be mapped normally
  3. Verify if there is error in the IIS Node among IIS error messages.


  1. Perform a test to change the relative path to the -> absolute path while checking whether node.exe is loaded successfully in the iisnode folder -> web.config
  • i.e)../../../iisnode.exe -> C:\Users\username\AppData\iisnode.exe

Action Plan for Customer:

  1. Change the relative path related to node.exe to the IISNode folder web.config to the absolute path and check the normal operation.
  2. In the future, the manual will be added to the UiPath doc regarding the node.exe path.