Process Mining installation - Missing instruction?


I am trying to install the Process Mining but I think the instructions are broken or I have missed something. Where am I supposed to right click?

Hi @Bernardo_Cirne_Severo - How did you get the installer for this? Is there a trial version or you had to buy this? Could you please clarify?

Thank you.

Hi @sreenivasm

I Followed the instructions on this documentation page - UiPath Process Mining.

I haven’t found any trial version for Process Mining and haven’t purchased it yet.

According to the documentation they ask for the license after Process Ming is running.

My problem is that I am following the instructions and I am not sure of on which file I have to click to set up the Properties. I tried some options but the program isn’t running. I don’t know if it is because of this problem or another problem not yet Identified.

Thank you