Process mining enable related issue on Orchestrator

Hi Experts,

I am having one new treouble, I have to create one presentation on Process mining, but I cannot see that from my left panel of the UiPath orchestrator. Now while I am writting this article, I cannot upload any image also, so anyone has document or any suggestion, how to enable the process mining service on my orchestrator.


hi @53410c195f64c51d98438bb2e , are you using the community or enterprise plan?

This service needs to be enabled from the admin panel ( see below)

However, I do not see this option in the community edition that I am using too :slight_smile:


Process Mining is not available in the UiPath community edition.

Oh!!! I am using community version. I thought its for communiry as well Enterprise version.

Thanks anyway,

Thank you for the information.

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