Process Executing Runtime Informations Job Key

Hi all, I am new to RPA.

Now, if we start a process, there will be a job record stored in orhestrator database table.

How could we get the job [Key] (A Guid as the follwing json shows) while the process is executing without access orhestrator api?

I konw we could get the job records from orchestrator api with the json format :
“Key”: “05ce9227-1584-469f-8ffe-f541bad38960”,
“StartTime”: “2019-12-22T09:41:47.663Z”,
“EndTime”: “2019-12-22T09:41:48.927Z”,
“State”: “Successful”,
“Source”: “Manual”,
“SourceType”: “Manual”,
“BatchExecutionKey”: “2fa2ea8c-4374-4db7-9359-ee42f72770a4”,
“Info”: “Job completed”,

Is there any way to get the execution context information at the runtime?

I.E. var jobId = context.Job.Key;
var processName = context.Process.Name;

Thank you!