Matches activity not working

the regex works in the website and the regex builder in uipath but the boolean value is false instead of true. Why?

HI @sangasangasanga,

Use matches activity & provide pattern
Then use for each it will work

@varunk I did that too. But no result is coming.

Hi @sangasangasanga,

Please find the attached sample flow using regex
I have done in that sample
Getting gmail from input.
Check & let me know any queries
Using (9.7 KB)

hi @sangasangasanga

try using below pattern :


Hi i tried but no result

@varunk your sample works fine. When I modify it, it doesn’t work.

My pattern:


My test text:

Question & response
Identity type
Singapore Pink NRIC
Identity number

Hi @sangasangasanga,

Try this Pattern
Identity type - I[a-z]\st[a-z]|
Identity number -[a-z]\sn[a-z]

nope :frowning: doesn’t work either

hey @sangasangasanga

done. :slight_smile:
there’s small change in pattern,
check this attachment (10.7 KB)

I hope this will help you. :slight_smile:

Hi samir, yours work. If it is okay, could you explain how the below pattern worked when the above pattern did not?


hey @sangasangasanga
here’s the explaination:

So basically, I know usually we use “|” to specify OR.
but here I tried this (|) for making two groups,
and it worked. :slight_smile:
this website helped me…

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