Problem with my automation

I want to do automation using studio x community. I want to read text file n to convert the text file into excel file
I have done use excel file activity then

  1. Read text file - i have put the text file folder
  2. Generate data table- how i need to put into the input?
    I have run but the text file input do not appear in my excel file


Can you try to create variable at OutputTo property of ReadTextFile. then set it at Input property of GenerateDataTable, as the following?


Do u have any idea what i need to choose in option? Because my data file that being converted to excel a bit different as i want the data to be same as in my text file


Can you share content of your input text file?


My data has space like this

Suddenly there is 4 column insert

To add, my column also not in a right way. Meaning that in one column there is two things. During my manual using excel, im using text import wizard before convert into excel

Hi, can you assist?

Please share Text file so that we can able to get an idea

Thank you,
Swaroop Singh R


We need to input text and expected output to understand your requirement.


Hi, i already succeed in to convert text file to excel using studio x. But after i try to run, there is a few data that not the same as i do it manually using excel. Firstly, the first 3 data is combine into 1 column. Second is suddenly there is 3 column added

During the manual, i use fixed width. Do u have any idea on how i want the text file to be converted into excel more good? Because i want to cut the step. I know that i can combine the column but more prefer to just have the output like i done manually using fixed width
This is what happen in my output please refer to the image

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