Problem with dropdown list for filtering Activities

Hey friends, I have multiple problems with new Studio

First of all - I have changed the Design in Project Settings in one of my older bots to Modern, it asked to me to Reload - I did. Then I saved and reopened and… nothing changed. I don’t have new Activities available in the Activity panel, and it’s nowhere to be found in the Filter Option:

So I decided to create a fresh new project (I had “Use modern design for new projects by default” checked), and there I could find both classic and modern activities, but it’s not divided into what is Studio, and what is StudioX - I see that there should be a toggle for that too, but not in my case:

What am I doing wrong?

Hello @salladinne

You need to enable the modern design experience.
Can you please go to Home-Settings->Design->Enable modern design for new project

You can watch the below video to get more clarity on the steps to swtich from classic to modern designer and viseversa

Hi, I mentioned in the original post that I did all that what is described in the video and it didn’t help

Please make sure you are using the latest version

Hi, I have 2021.10.4 -but I do have Modern Design Experience, just lacking the views in the Activity Filter Dropdown list. Is it possible they introduced Modern Design earlier than the views?

Hi @salladinne ,

The StudioX is a different Profile altogether. We can Change it to StudioX by Navigating from the Home as shown below :

Also, In the Latest releases the Option of StudioX Activities in the Filter are removed. It is with the Show Modern option now.

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