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I have a stream that works checking messages in outlook, when trying to invoke it in Process I get an error “Invoke Workflow File: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” Can anyone give me a hint of what can be

AbrirOutlook.xaml (13,9,KB) AcessaCaixaEmail.xaml (6,4,KB)
Process.xaml (6,4,KB)


Have you specified workflow path properly in Invoke WorkFlow activity ? Just check once.

My best guess is that one or more of the input arguments to your invoked workflow is blank when transmitted. “in_Config(“Fluig_URL”).ToString” for example. Are you sure the config file contains a name “Fluig_URL” or any other specified?

Hello @lakshman
Yes, the way is correct. I checked and everything is ok but the error goes on

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Hello @bogdan.nastase

the configuration file contains the name “Fluig_URL”, but this argument is used in another invoke and not in “Abrir outlook”

Just looked in Abrir outlook that’s right there are no arguments in. But in the Process.xaml if you press on import arguments there are 3 arguments created going in for some reason. Try to get rid of those.

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Yes, I believe these arguments are giving problem, but they are from another login stream that comes just below outlook

error displayed:

Invoke Workflow File: The values provided for the root activity’s arguments did not satisfy the root activity’s requirements:
‘AbrirOutlook’: The following keys from the input dictionary do not map to arguments and must be removed: in_Fluig_URL, in_Username_Flu, in_Password_Flu. Please note that argument names are case sensitive.
Parameter name: rootArgumentValues


I found the arguments lol, did not know they were here too.

I thought it was just here


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